The Last Great Traffic Jam (Part 2)

Jim Capaldi was my alarm clock every day. Ring, Ring “Wallito, are you up?…Found a great expresso bar… man, lets go!” … We had cappuccinos and expressos in every city of the USA.

We had so much fun and I learn big time from Jim and Steve. It was an inspiration making music with them.They motivated me to write music and words direct from my Heart.

Jim was a great lyricist and some times while having coffee, he would think of an idea or a poetic phrase and would write it on a napkin and give it to Steve. Later on at sound check, you would hear a piece of music with Steve’s melody and Jim’s lyrics. Amazing!

I can’t go back and relive the past, but I can infuse the present with the beautiful things I have learned from past experiences. They are Priceless!
Also, that year after the Traffic tour ended… my son Gabriel was born 2 days before 1994 Christmas!! The biggest gift of that year. Gabriel is the youngest of my three beautiful children.

Jim Capaldi passed away in 2004 and without Jim, Steve Winwood decided that the great tour of 1994 would be “The Last Great Traffic Jam”. I’m honored to have been part of it all.
Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi, Roscoe G., Mike McEvoy, Randall Bramblett… an amazing group of multi-instrumentalists great musicians.

The music will always live inside of me.
These are some links of Traffic, Enjoy!:

Gimme some Lovin from DVD “The Last Great Traffic Jam”

“Rock N Roll Stew” – At Woodstock 1994, Bob Claremountain mixed it on the fly at that moment!

“Low spark of High heeled Boys” from “The Last Great Traffic Jam”