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REO Speedwagon/Chicago Tour 2014

Stories From The Road... A lot of great reviews were written about this awesome tour together. Yet I wanted to express my personal feelings and share my own stories about this tour. Since the first day of rehearsals in Concord, CA, I'd felt like I'd known REO for a lifetime. The friendship, respect and unity I felt...
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Cafe Colao

Just Got Up... Going For Coffee

I always wondered why I love coffee so much. I have traveled the world and have had in my life easily more than 3,000 cups of coffee in many countries. One of my earliest memories of Cuba was when I was five and would stay with my maternal grandmother,...

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Beats, Licks & Tips I was reading the book The Toyota Way in a bookstore while on the road with Chicago and as I was reading I drew a parallel to practicing drums. The book talks about the history of Toyota® and their huge success based on “continuous improvement and respect for people.” It dawned on me that much...
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