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Rhythms and Flavors of “WallyWorld” CD

When I created the “WallyWorld” CD I envisioned a sonic rhythmic trip around the world. If you put on your headphones, press play and listen, you will travel to different countries and hear the jams of amazing musicians playing grooves and flavors of diverse cultures creating a varied musical menu. “WallyWorld” Menu: 1. Funky Arequita…
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My first Drumming Job

  At the request of my friend Al Velasquez that asked "What was your very first job as a drummer?"... here is the answer Al. I started studying / playing percussion since I was 12 years old. At that time, I moved to Las Vegas, NV with my family. My dad became the house band…
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Beats, Licks & Tips I was reading the book The Toyota Way in a bookstore while on the road with Chicago and as I was reading I drew a parallel to practicing drums. The book talks about the history of Toyota® and their huge success based on “continuous improvement and respect for people.” It dawned on me that…
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